Olimp Sport Nutrition Gain Bolic 6000 6.8kg

Olimp Sport Nutrition Gain Bolic 6000 6.8kg


SKU:  OLI022
Brand:  Olimp Sport Nutrition

A protein + carbohydrates weight gain powder designed for the hard gainer and intended to meet the expenditure of the ectomorphic individual. Enriched with creatine monohydrate and taurine along with a range of key nutrients to help encourage the rapid development of muscular strength and mass.

Container Size: 6800g Serving Size: 2 scoops (100g) Servings Per Container: 68 Amount Per Serving: Total Calories: 1597 kJ/376 kcal Protein: 15g Total Carbohydrates: 75g -Sugars: 32g -Dietary Fibre: 0g Fat: 1.8g -Saturates: 1.0g Salt: 0.43g Other Ingredients: Creatine monohydrate: 1500MG Taurine: 500MG Ingredients: 80% carbohydrate-mix (maltodextrins, dextrose), 15,5% protein-mix (whey protein concentrate (from milk), micellar casein (from milk), ultrafiltrated egg protein), aromas, 1,5% creatine monohydrate, 0,5% taurine, medium-chain triglycerides oil (MCT oil), acidity regulators - citric acid, malic acid (for all strawberry like flavours), thickeners – gum arabic, xanthan gum, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose; 0,01% vitamins (L-ascorbic acid - vit. C, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate - vit. E, nicotinamide - niacin, D-biotin, retinyl acetate - vit. A, calcium D-pantothenate - panthotenic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride - vit. B6, cholecalciferol - vit. D, pteroylmonoglutamic acid - folate, thiamin mononitrate - vit. B1, riboflavin - vit. B2, cyanocobalamin - vit. B12), acidity regulators - sodium citrates; sweeteners – acesulfame K, sucralose, cyclamates; emulsifier – soy lecithin; colours: carmine (for all: strawberry, cherry, strawberry-kiwi and banana-cherry like flavours), E 150c (for all: cookies cream, toffee, chocolate, coffee, ice coffee, cappuccino, hazelnut and tiramisu like flavours), riboflavin, E 133 (for all pistachio like flavours). Please Note: Nutritional facts and ingredients may vary slightly between flavours. Allergen Information: Contains Milk, Egg & Soy